How to change your company secretary to Sleek

It’s not uncommon to change company secretary, particularly when you’re looking for a safe pair of hands to help manage the filing requirements of your company. Here we’ll cover how to change company secretary to us.

1. Send a resignation email to your old company secretary.

Send a resignation email to your company secretary and ask them to return email acknowledgment of your decision. When they reply, save the acknowledgment email in a PDF. Here’s a template of the type of email you can send:

Subject: Termination of company secretary services

Dear [Company secretary],

We would like to notify you of our intention to terminate the agreement we have with you for the servicing of Corporate Secretary [point out the other services if any]. This agreement should end on [DD/MM].

We would like to thank you for your service.

Kindly reply to this email to acknowledge our decision. Our new company secretary cc’ed to this email will coordinate the pickup of our files.

2. Sign up to Sleek

It’s easy to set up with Sleek. Just head over to our website, sign up and click on “Transfer a Company” – it’s a quick 4-step process. As a part of that process, you’ll need to upload the PDF showing the resignation letter of the previous company secretary.

3. We’ll take it from there!

As part of the handover from your previous company secretary, we’ll organise the following:

  • A directors’ resolution appointing the new company secretary and resignation of the previous company secretary
  • Lodging the change with the Company Registry

Next steps

If you want a smooth transfer, talk to us!  We’ve helped hundreds of companies shift from second-rate company secretaries. Read more about our company secretary services or contact us today to get started.

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