What happens after my Financial Year End?

A guide for small businesses in Singapore

We’ve developed an easy-to-read guide covering all the key actions you need to take to stay compliant after your FYE. Get a clear overview of what you need to do, what documents you need to prepare, and key filing deadlines. 

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What does the guide cover?


A checklist of what you need to do

We give you the filing requirements, and the different things you need to get in place before you file.


Explanation of common acronyms

AGM? ECI? We break down these concepts so that a first-time entrepreneur can understand.

perks for startups

Tips for making compliance easy

We give tips and recommendations throughout the guide to make your filing obligations as painless as possible.


Follow along with our example

Many companies in Singapore adopt a FYE of 31 December, so we’ve got concrete examples of when each of these filing deadlines occur.

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